My research on La Stampa

My research appeared on La Stampa! La Stampa is one of the oldest and major Italian newspapers, i.e. it is the 4th newspaper based on the number of copies it distributes).

Specifically, the article on La Stampa discusses my research on some enigmatic Martian structures, associated with the sedimentary deposits of the Gale Crater. In this research, me and co-authors (Carlos Neto de Carvalho, Fabrizio Felletti and Roberto Cabella) combine data from Mars rover Curiosity, a review of existing literature and image analysis. The result is the first quantitative description of the Martian stick-like structures, showing that ichnofossils, i.e., the product of life-substrate interactions, are among their closest morphological analogues.
Here you can read the article appeared on La Stampa!