Mongolia in Super 8

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Mongolia in Super8 is an extraordinary reportage of a scientific expedition in Mongolia. The movie has been mostly directed with an old, noisy Super8 camera.
Why a Super8-camera and its desaturated, grainy images?
There are many ways to fix memories. The beauty of Mongolia is fitting with the vintage,
emotional feeling of an old Super-8 camera, accompained by the epic and melanconic notes of mongolian musical tradition.

Mongolia and its immense
sky stayed indelibly in our heart: it is a land as far as magic, severe and wild, delicate and surprising. We will tell “our” 3500 km trough steppes, forests, deserts and glaciers. An adventurous scientific expedition that became an unforgettable experience of travel and life.



Mongolia in Super8
a movie by Andrea Baucon
with the participation of Antonio Alberti, Lucia Alberti, Francesco Boschin, Elisa Comand, Francesco D’Adamo, Laura Marello, Uondon Majigsuren, Amaraa Majigsuren, Sula Milani
Voice-over: Elisa Menon
Sound Engineer: Lorenzo Bregant
49 minutes