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They say about me...

About the author

What they say about me? Here you'll discover it!


Palaios cover

Palaios is one of the world's most prestigious paleontologic journals, and the cover of the June 2010 issue is dedicated to my new discovers on the history of paleontology, discussed in my article inside.

New Scientist on Leonardo da Vinci
The New Scientist, one of the world's leading science magazines, dedicated a four-page article to my discovers on Leonardo da Vinci. A preview is also available here.

Leonardo on
The famous journal Nature deals with my discovers (PDF here).

Leonardo's ichnologic discovers on the Smithsonian

Smithsonian, probably the world's largest museum complex and research organization, is discussing my ichnologic discovers on its website. Click here for more information, including more blogs reporting my research!

The Tracemaker on TV
The Tracemaker is on TV: Beira television realized a short documentary with Andrea Baucon (me), Carlos Neto de Carvalho and Adolf Seilacher.

Paleodictyon, the Monna Lisa of Ichnology
Jo Marchant, opinion editor of the New Scientist and former editor of Nature, wrote about my research on the history of ichnology (pdf here).

Dinosaurs, Mammoths, Myths...and trace fossils!
Adrienne Mayor's
First Fossil Hunters is one of the landmarks of geomythology. It is a honor to be featured in the introduction of the new edition of this important book!

Mongolia, da Vinci, Geology and Art
Italian newspaper deals with me and my ichnological discovers: click here to read it!

Da Vinci's Fossils
An Italian newspaper deals with my discovers on Leonardo da Vinci (pdf here)

Leonardo's time travel
Jo Marchant discusses about my achievements on the history of ichnology (pdf here). See also this post which cites Leonardo da Vinci and Paleodictyon.

Da Vinci's Paleodictyon

The italian magazine Focus deals with my studies on Leonardo da Vinci and Paleodictyon.

An italian newspaper presents my studies on Pramollichnus, an enigmatic trace fossil from the Friulian Alps

Palaios dedicated its cover to my discovers on Leonardo da Vinci


Geology and Art

Industria d'arte deals with : pdf here

UNESCO on my Video Art
UNESCO speaks of Geodelica Video Art ( pdf)

My book 'Geology in Art' at ART Evolved
I am the Guest Scientist at ART Evolved (pdf here)!

Geomythologica discusses my scientific and artistic research (pdf here).


Geodelica, my geologic Video Art, comes to Asia!

Some of my movies selected for a movie festival: International Festival "City of Imperia"

Mongolia in Super8 deals with my "Mongolia in Super8" movie (PDF here)

The Art of Stone Appreciation
Suiseki Artist Felix Rivera presents my book Geology in Art.

Trilobitic shows!
The Lesvos National History Museum (Greece) cites
From Trilobites to Man, an exhibit organized by me and Carlos Neto de Carvalho.


3rd International UNESCO conference on Geoparks

Together with other members of the Naturtejo Geopark, I participated to the 3rd International UNESCO conference on geoparks. A Portuguese magazine presents my participation at this important meeting.

Pioneers of exploration and geological landscapes
"Pinhal Digital" on the talk in Oleiros (pdf here)

European Earth Festival
I actively organized some of the activities of the European Earth Festival ( pdf here)

Talk at Oleiros
An article on my presentation about the geology of the Alps (pdf here)

The Mountain museum project
The Mountain museum project: pdf here

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