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We discovered the palaeontological laboratory of Leonardo da Vinci

ANSA, the leading wire service in Italy presented my research about a new paleontological site (Pierfrancesco) very rich in ichnofossils. In the surroundings, Leonardo da Vinci discovered the true nature of fossils! Pierfrancesco, Italy. Leonardo da Vinci discovered the true nature of fossils by using the…

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My new video is online!

I just published my new video about palaeontology! I apply the key tools of paleontology - biostratigraphy, uniformitarianism, icnology - to analyze sea urchins, corals, foraminifera and fossil burrows. These tools allow us to understand what Italy was like after the reign of the dinosaurs…

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Bioturbated black shales

Black shales are dark, fine-grained rocks that conjure up with images of lifeless seafloors. In fact, they usually originate as muds deposited in low-oxygen seafloors. As such, they are expected to be devoid of life... but there is a burrow in this 440-million-years-old black shale…

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Jurassic Beach

Jurassic Beach? Yes, there is a beach dating back to the age of dinosaurs (Praia Jurássica) near Porto de Mós, Portugal. I recently joined the Jurassic Beach team to study this exceptional palaeontological site! Here is the Jurassic Beach team! From the foreground to the…

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