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I am on Focus TV/Mediaset Infinity!

Here I am, talking about ichnology and astrobiology on Focus TV! I took part in a series of 3 documentaries about palaeontology and astrobiology. The 'Pale Blue Dot' show aired on Focus TV. Watch it on the Mediaset Infinity platform: follow this link!

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My research on the Secolo XIX newspaper

My astrobiological research has been featured on the Secolo XIX newspaper! The article focuses on my PeerJ paper*. On Mars, all around the Belva Crater, there could be burrows and trails left by the ancient inhabitants of the Red Planet. This groundbreaking conclusion has been…

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Ichnology on la Repubblica

The newspaper la Repubblica ('the Republic') is one of the major Italian general-interest newspapers. My research has been featured on its pages: read the corresponding article here! An excerpt of the la Repubblica page featuring my research

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Interviewed on the Science Show

Did we discover extraterrestrial ichnofossils? Me and Roberto Cabella answered this question on Renato Sartini's Science Show! You can watch the full interview on YouTube. In the following photo I am setting up my studio for the interview on Renato Sartini's Science Show… disentangling the…

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Ichnofossils, astrobiology… and music!

On the 8th November, I will present my astrobiological studies at the University of Genova. Since the presentation will be in Italian, I am going to switch the language! La locandina dell'evento “Esiste la vita oltre la Terra?” è una delle più grandi domande scientifiche…

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