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Other creative works


This section encompasses my works of graphic design, which usually focus on the visual communication and presentation of geological themes.

"Geology in Art" is one of the works I like most. Indeed "Geology in Art" is the first book to discuss the artistic phenomena in which Geology brings its own aesthetic and conceptual heritage.
I wanted full creative control when realizing "Geology in Art", therefore I created every aspect of the book - from the texts to the graphic design. The latter element is particularly significant because this book presents an alternative to the linear development of a theory of Geologic Art. In it I have followed a visual and associative approach, by creating acrobatic distributions of visual data intermingled with interviews and critiques. For a more detailed discussion of the book, point your browser at .

I completely redesigned the graphic layout of the "Cruziana Magazine", which is the official webzine of the UNESCO Geopark Naturtejo Meseta Meridional. I choose the trace fossil Cruziana as the leading graphic theme.

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