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I am Andrea "Tracemaker" Baucon, welcome on my homepage!

My research interests are focused on the study of Ichnology, that is the study of traces produced by organisms. You can find me on the peak of the mountains looking for trace fossils or, alteratively, I can annoy your beach-time while looking for recent worm burrows on the tidal flat.

However, I am not only studying traces: I also produce them!
I'm involved in Digital Arts and multimedia design...follow my creative traces in this website!

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March 2013
My videoart at the ITB, one of the most important tourism fairs in the world!

November 2012

The famous journal Nature deals with my discover on Leonardo da Vinci and trace fossils!

October 2011

Together with Corrado Venturini, I will show the extraordinary geological heritage of the Pramollo area. The conference will be held the 26th October, 20:30, at the Pontebba town hall. For more information, click here (in Italian).

May 2011
"Da 0 a -10 000 metri: un viaggio icnologico attraverso tracce, ambienti e processi" [From 0 to -10,000 metres: an ichnologic travel through traces, environments and processes] is the title of my lecture at the University of Modena. It will be held the 12th May, 16:30 PM, at the Department of Earth Sciences of Modena (Aula M, Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Largo S.Eufemia 19, Modena). See the invitation for more details!

March 2011

The Italian magazine Focus discussed about my studies on Leonardo da Vinci and Paleodictyon.

January 2011
I updated with new information on the impact on media and Paleobiologica.

June 2010
Palaios is one of the world's most prestigious paleontologic journals. I am honored to announce that the cover of the June issue is dedicated to my new discovers on the history of paleontology, discussed in my article inside.

June 2010
My digital painting "Prehistoric Alentejo" was featured on "Superinteressante", a Portuguese popular science magazine. Check it out!

February 2010
The President of Portugal flew on my my trilobitic art. Dont'you believe? Watch here my Haeckelbite on a hot air baloon!

February 2010
It's a very rich month for my blog about geology in art: a special issue on 'human geology' and a post on paleoart...between tradition and innovation!

December 2009
Geology in Art is available! Geology in Art is the first book to document the artistic phenomena in which Geology brings its own aesthetic and conceptual heritage. Click here!

November 2009
My project " Geology in Art" has been presented at the UNESCO meeting in Lisbon! I also designed a vinyl sculpture...peek-a-boo!

September 2009
I have been member of the Scientific Commitee of the 8th European Geoparks Meeting.

September 2009
I designed the logo for the 8th European Geoparks Meeting. It shows a rolled trilobite metaphorically symbolizing the Earth.

July 2009
My channel on blip TV is growing! Give it a look!

January 2009
I started my channel on It's still under construction, but give a look to the "Hypnotic Dreams of Miss Trilobite"!

Tracemaker on TV: Andrea Baucon appears in a documentary with Carlos Neto de Carvalho and Adolf Seilacher. Click here!

November is included in the link section of, one of the major websites dealing with the land of Gengis Khan.

October 2008 (2/2)
An italian newspaper celebrates my discovers on Leonardo da Vinci: read it here

October 2008 (1/2)
The new version of goes online!

September 2008
UNESCO speaks about my Video Art, "Geodelica Trilogy". Take a look to UNESCO's webpage (alternatively the pdf is here)

August 2008
"Geodelica Trilogy" is prepared for the Boom Festival, that is one of the biggest Musuc/Visual Arts festivals in Europe! I designed also a big vinyl sculpture for introducing "Geodelica Trilogy": you can see it on the right of the page, it's my personal view of a trilobite producing a trace called

June 2008
TERRAGAZE mobile (multimedia tool for geotourism) has been presented in the prominent UNESCO Global Geoparks Conference in Osnabruck (Germany).

All the contents of the website are licensed under a Creative Commons license. Click here for more information.

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