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Holga photography


"For more years then we࣡re to count, the Holga has held a firm and unyielding grasp on our psyche. Try as we might, we just can't resist its gleaming plastic lens, its foolish too-big body, its mind-blowing 120 film format, and its sheerly beautiful dreamlike images."

- Adam Scott, The World Through a Plastic Lens

The Holga is a toy camera which produces onirical pictures characterized by vignetting, blur, light leaks, and other distortions. I like to take the Holga with me during geologic field trips, travels, parties, sports tournaments or just during walks.

Why do I like the Holga?
The Holga is toy-like, oversized. It has a plastic body and a plastic lens, which sees misty atmospheres, soft-focus tones and streaming lights. Holga is an unpredictable camera. Indeed there is no need to ask whether a shot is correctly exposed, or on focus. It is totally mechanical, except from the four-colour flash which pops loudly and smells.
Holga is very funny to use!
In this page you will find some experimentations with the onirical aesthetic of this minimal camera. Good Holgatime!

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