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"To the geologist's mind, the landscape comes alive and talk. Every stone, every form of coast or mountain or valley tells its story, evoking the vicissitudes of its history and its becoming."
- Michele Gortani (1956), pioneer of Italian Geology

Every geologist felt the emotion of Gortani's words when interpreting a landscape. Indeed geologists read intriguing stories through the rocks, and understand the millernary processes that shaped the Earth. These emotions are appealing not only for 'pure' geologists, but also for tourists.
In recent years, a shift in the approach to tourism has been increasingly evident. Tourists feel the need to gather new information and experiences to satisfy their cultural needs about the territory and its origins (that is, geology). Moreover, a special interest market is emerging, of travellers interested in visiting geologically significant locations around the world: geotourists.
Part of my research interests are devoted to geotourism. More in detail, I researched on:

1) Multimedia and Geotourism. I am interested in using technology to enhance the geotouristic experience. In particular I enjoy applying interactive tools to problems centered around understanding of geologic features. I tested my theoretical assumptions in several exhibitions and installations realized as head consultant for Interactive and Multimedia Exhibition Tools (UNESCO Geopark Naturtejo Meseta Meridional).

2) Popularization of Geology. The geologic history of an area often has a limited promotion in respect to other cultural aspects (i.e. archaeology, social history, etnography, î Ževertheless, geology constitute a crucial aspect in the cultural understanding of a certain territory. Based on these beliefs, I authored several presentations and publications aiming to the development of a deeper 'geologic counciousness' of Portugal and Mongolia.

3) Geology and Society. Geotourism involves also the social aspects of geology. Consequently, part of my research is also devoted to the interplay between geology and society.

4) Art and Geotourism. This aspect of my research overlaps with my geoartistic studies; for this reason, I redirect to the 'Geology and Art' section for more information.

I developed TERRAGAZE mobile, a multimedia tool for geotourism.

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