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Geodelia vol. 1


The first section of Geodelia introduce the visitor to the magic of Geology.

You were snow, you were sea, you were trilobite. 70% of your body is water. Where is this water from?
Water moves continually through a cycle of evaporation, evapotranspiration, precipitation, and runoff, usually reaching the sea. Before being in you, a water molecule was already river, snow, rain, cloud, lake. And it was already in other organisms too.
A molecule of water from your body: what were its adventures?

Last month you were a cloud.
Yesterday you were a river.
130,000 years ago you were a glacier during Ice Age.
500,000,000 years ago you were a trilobite.
Much of the Universe's water may be produced as a byproduct of star formation, because its components, hydrogen and oxygen, are among the most abundant elements in the universe. You were a star.

You can't eat a trilobite. The last trilobite appeared long before the first dinosaur. It's not the only reason why you can't eat a trilobite.ﵠcanॡt a trilobite!鳠a grotesque and surreal exploration of palaeontology.

People were asked to say the word "trilobite" in front of a video-camera; their reactions built the central core of this complex, colourful, and harmoniously patterned visual. It is a cross-pollination of texts, paleontological engravings from the 19th century, fossils and the mentioned real-life videos. Listen and repeat: you can't eat a trilobite!

Cinnamon minerals. Geologists can tell you the primeval history of a rock by observing its thin section at the polarizing microscope.
They can tell you if a certain rock was squeezed by moving continents. Or if it was hot magma with 1200 젦lowing kilomethers under Earth's surface. The microscopic structure of rocks can reveal an erupting volcano.
Until now, thin sections have been domain of geologists, but this installation brings thin sections to a new dimension: aestethics.

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