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When I design an exhibit, I always keep in mind my experience as a scientist.
For instance, when digging for a fossil, I feel intellectual and physical emotions for my paleontological discover. At the same time, I enjoy the social facet of team work. Then, in the laboratory, the cognitive and creative aspect of scientific research engage my mind.
In few words: Science is fun!
I try to render such emotions when designing science exhibits. Indeed my philosophy is to create experience-based exhibits in which visitors directly manipulate the phenomena they are observing. For this reason I am a strong supporter of digital media and, in particular, of augmented reality solutions.

This section presents my experiences as exhibition designer.

"Trilobites to Man" - Lesvos Natural History Museum
I organized (together with Carlos Neto De Carvalho) the travelling exhibition "From Trilbites to Man". The mentioned exhibition takes profit of a computer vision / virtual reality software that I ideated and developed. The exhibition has been hosted in the Natural History Museum of Lesvos (Greece) where it had a remarkable success (35000 visitors in only three months) and it received a significant impact on media (the national Greek TV dealt with the opening session of the exhibition, and Czech and Greek newspapers celebrated "From Trilobites to Man").

Cruziana-maker. The visitor faces a challenge: he has to eat as much as possible...but to do it he must behave like a trilobite!

Cruziana-maker. When the visitors moves his arms, on the screen appears a scratch-mark. The more the visitor "eats" the more the trilobite grows...if you are faster enough you will see from protaspid to meraspid!

"From Trilobites to Man" for the "Geopark Management and Geotourism" course and "Geomorphosites, Geoparks and Geotourism" workshop (at the Petrified forest UNESCO Geopark)
"From Trilobites to Man" has been exhibited to the participants of the "Geopark Management and Geotourism" course and "Geomorphosites, Geoparks and Geotourism" workshop (organized by the Petrified forest UNESCO Geopark).

TERRAGAZE at the UNESCO National Meeting (Lisbon)
At light of the success of my multimedia system for geotourism (TERRAGAZE), UNESCO Portugal invited me to develop TERRAGAZE applications for the national meeting (November 2007). In collaboration with the Geopark Naturtejo staff, I prepared the stand and the exhibition in the Knowledge Pavillion of Lisbon.

Multmedia contents for "Sam Gon's Trilobites" (Penha Garcia interpretative center, UNESCO Geopark Meseta Meridional, Portugal)
I realized the multimedia contents of the exhibition "Sam Gon's Trilobites" (organized by the Geopark Naturtejo Meseta Meridional Geopark - UNESCO and Global Geopark)

"Mongolia - 3500 chilometri dopo Gengis Khan"
I organized the exhibit "Mongolia - 3500 chilometri dopo Gengis Khan" in collaboration with the staff of the University of Trieste.

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