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Researching at the Jurassic Beach

The Jurassic Beach is an exceptional fossil site in Portugal. Special techniques are needed to study its exceptional fossil content. Above, Jose Antonio Anacleto and Ricardo Paredes are casting trace fossils at the Jurassic Beach palaeontological site (Praia Jurássica). Me waring protectionsKneeling on Jurassic limestones…

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Jurassic Beach

Jurassic Beach? Yes, there is a beach dating back to the age of dinosaurs (Praia Jurássica) near Porto de Mós, Portugal. I recently joined the Jurassic Beach team to study this exceptional palaeontological site! Here is the Jurassic Beach team! From the foreground to the…

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Dive into the unknown

Below the seafloor surface lies a vast, complex ecosystem, one of the Earth’s lesser-known environments. Here, marine animals produce complex burrow systems: What is the function of these structures? What is their distrubution? How did they evolve during the last 600 million years? I am…

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Today’s highlights

Here are some highlights from today’s snorkelling survey, mapping burrows from the coastline to the shoreface.

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