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About movies

About the author

Do you want to know more about my tastes? Here you find some of my favourite movies:

Polysics is a Japanese new wave/Rock band from Tokyo, named after a brand of synthesizer, who personally dub their unique style as "technicolor pogo punk"

A nice short "ichnological" movie by Mikhail Aldashin

Monty Python: How not to be seen (ITA)

"La Linea" by Osvaldo Cavandoli

Some of my favourite movies:

Midnight Cowboy (John Schlesinger)
Neco z Alenky (Jan Svankmajer)
Tommy (The Who)
Army of Darkness (Sam Raimi)
La mujer mas fea del mundo (Bardem)
Splatters (Peter Jackson)
Lo Spauracchio (Bykov)
Total love (Bentvich)
Anche i nani hanno cominciato da piccoli (Herzog)
Die Siebtelbauern (The inheritors) (Ruzowitzky)
Vamos a Matar Companeros (Corbucci)
Apri gli occhi (Amenabar)
Demoni e dei (Condom)
Voglio la testa di garcia (Peckinpah)
Highway patrolman (Cox )

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