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August 2020

Focus deals with my research

Focus is one of the major Italian science magazines. It discussed my research on ichnology and astrobiology! You can read the corresponding article here. An excerpt of the Focus article dealing with my research.

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Ichnology on la Repubblica

The newspaper la Repubblica ('the Republic') is one of the major Italian general-interest newspapers. My research has been featured on its pages: read the corresponding article here! An excerpt of the la Repubblica page featuring my research

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Surf (bodyboarding) and ichnology

Here I am, ready to bodyboard! My life revolves around weather patterns, tides, and the surf.- Mike Stewart Bodyboarding is a water sport in which the surfer rides a short board, typically using fins for propulsion and control. Mike Stewart, nine-time World Champion bodyboarder, described…

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Galleries in black shales: a gallery

A gallery of trace fossils from the Silurian of Sardinia The word pun of the title refers to the fossil tunnels preserved in the Genna Muxerru Formation. They have been produced 440 million years ago by unknown organisms within a muddy seafloor. To know more,…

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