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July 2020

Bioturbated black shales

Black shales are dark, fine-grained rocks that conjure up with images of lifeless seafloors. In fact, they usually originate as muds deposited in low-oxygen seafloors. As such, they are expected to be devoid of life... but there is a burrow in this 440-million-years-old black shale…

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My research on La Stampa

My research appeared on La Stampa! La Stampa is one of the oldest and major Italian newspapers, i.e. it is the 4th newspaper based on the number of copies it distributes). Specifically, the article on La Stampa discusses my research on some enigmatic Martian structures,…

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Interviewed on the Science Show

Did we discover extraterrestrial ichnofossils? Me and Roberto Cabella answered this question on Renato Sartini's Science Show! You can watch the full interview on YouTube. In the following photo I am setting up my studio for the interview on Renato Sartini's Science Show… disentangling the…

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