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August 2019

Researching at the Jurassic Beach

The Jurassic Beach is an exceptional fossil site in Portugal. Special techniques are needed to study its exceptional fossil content. Above, Jose Antonio Anacleto and Ricardo Paredes are casting trace fossils at the Jurassic Beach palaeontological site (Praia Jurássica). Me waring protectionsKneeling on Jurassic limestones…

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Jurassic Beach

Jurassic Beach? Yes, there is a beach dating back to the age of dinosaurs (Praia Jurássica) near Porto de Mós, Portugal. I recently joined the Jurassic Beach team to study this exceptional palaeontological site! Here is the Jurassic Beach team! From the foreground to the…

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Trace fossils of Ichnosummer

Ichnosummer 2019 has been a success! In fact, during fieldwork in Portugal, I discovered thousands of beautiful trace fossils. Now it is time to go from aesthetics to science, i.e. I need to understand the behaviours of those spectacular burrows. The beauty of these trace…

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